How to Crack Engineering Entrance Exams in the 1st Attempt

how to crack engineering entrance exams

In India, passing an engineering entrance exam is mandatory for admission into engineering colleges offering programs such as B.Tech, Integrated Master, and Dual Degree courses. The government has set guidelines requiring students to take an engineering entrance exam to be eligible for these programs. Aspiring engineers often aim to secure admission into prestigious institutions like IITs, which conduct highly conceptual entrance exams that only a select few students with a solid understanding of the concepts are able to pass. Whether you are someone who wants to clear these entrance exams or not, this article will provide valuable insights on how to prepare for and successfully pass an engineering entrance exam in one attempt.

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How to Prepare for an Entrance Exam?



How to Prepare for an Entrance Exam?

Implementation of the plan is essential

Before any exam, students often invest a significant amount of time in creating a plan for success. However, few of them can execute the plan flawlessly. An effective plan with smart execution can greatly increase the chances of success. Hard work means spending more time on difficult topics while regularly repeating the easier ones.

Focus on your strengths

Just as an ant cannot survive in a flood by relying on a leaf, it is important for students to identify their strengths and focus on them while preparing for engineering entrance exams. Each person has their own strengths that make them special, and paying attention to these strengths can improve the chances of success. Students should identify their strengths and remember them while studying for exams.

Using fewer reference books

Students often look for new guides to help them review the entrance exams. However, it is important to remember that multiple books on the same topic usually have similar content, albeit worded differently. Using too many books can lead to confusion during revision. It is better to prepare using limited number of books which gives more time for revision. Regular repetition improves understanding of concepts in less time.

Read the question carefully

Entrance exams often contain questions designed to catch students off guard with confusing language or answer options. To avoid falling into such traps, it is crucial to read each question carefully, preferably twice. Nowadays, exam patterns can include multiple choice questions, so students must remain vigilant and carefully consider each option before marking their answers.

Try what you know first

Before you start solving a question, it is advisable to get an overview of it and build a strategy accordingly. Identify the questions you can answer quickly and attempt them first, saving the more difficult ones for later. Time is precious during the exam, so it is important to use it wisely. Taking five minutes to create an exam strategy can help you achieve the desired result.

Prepare your mind for the exam

Engineering entrance exams mostly in the morning time, such as from 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM. This is why it important to get your mind ready to be alert and focused during this time. Its helpful to practice doing mock tests at the same time to train your mind to be more proactive during the actual exam.

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Practice with mock tests

Mock tests or practice sets are designed to give you an idea of ​​what you might be missing in your entrance exam preparation. Before the actual exam, it is recommended to start practicing with mock tests. Scores obtained from these tests can boost your confidence and provide insight into areas in which you need to improve. It is also essential to practice previous year papers and compare your scores.

Many educational institutions offer online and offline mock tests for engineering entrance exams like IIT JEE Exam for a small fee. These mock tests can help you get an idea of ​​the real exam and prepare you for what to expect.

Create cheats and shortcuts for quick revision

Everyone has their own learning style. So it is important to find what works best for you. Creating cheats can be a useful tool for quickly revising important graphs, equations, and formulas. It is important to revise your cheat sheets regularly.

If you find it difficult to create your own cheet sheet and formula sheet. There are pre-,ade formula sheet prepared by experts in the markets. You can also purchase them to save time and effort.

Elimination Method to Find the Right Answer in Multiple Choice Questions

One useful strategy for entrance exams is the method of elimination. This involves identifying the wrong answer among the given options. 

If you are able to confidently eliminate two options out of four or five. You increase your chances of selecting the correct answer from the remaining options.

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Your health and rest

While engineering entrance exams like JEE Advanced are undoubtedly significant, passing the exams is not everything.Your overall health is essential and has a significant impact on your future. That is why it is important to prioritize taking care of your physical and mental health . Ensure to include regular excercise and relaxation techniques in your routine. And get enough sleep to keep your mind healthy.

Incorporate good habits into your daily routine and adjust your schedule to suit your engineering entrance exam preparation. Remember that your health is your top priority and taking care of it will help you perform at your best in the long run.


In conclusion, cracking engineering entrance exams in the first attempt requires a combination of effective strategies and good habits. Prioritizing physical and mental well-being is crucial, along with developing a study plan that includes regular practice through mock tests, revision of cheat sheets, and analyzing previous year's papers.It also important to identify your strengths and weaknesses and focus on them accordingly. Using the method of elimination can be an effective tool during exams. Especially when unsure of the correct answer. By implementing these strategies, students can increase their chances of success and achieve their goals in cracking engineering entrance exams in the first attempt.

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Q1: How important is time management in cracking engineering entrance exams in the first attempt?

A: Time management is crucial when it comes to cracking engineering entrance exams in the first attempt. You need to allocate your time effectively between different subjects, topics, and types of questions.

Q2: Can solving previous years' papers help in cracking engineering entrance exams in the first attempt?

A: Yes, practicing previous years' papers can be beneficial in understanding the exam format, types of questions asked, and difficulty level. It can also help in recognizing your strengths and areas where improvement is needed.

Q3: Is it necessary to join coaching institutes to crack engineering entrance exams in the first attempt?

A: No, it is not necessary to join coaching institutes to crack engineering entrance exams in the first attempt. However, coaching institutes can provide you with structured guidance, study materials, and mock tests, which can be helpful.

Q4: Can cheat sheets and shortcuts help in cracking engineering entrance exams in the first attempt?

A: Yes, cheat sheets and shortcuts can help you to revise important formulas, concepts, and topics quickly. It's crucial to understand the basics before relying on cheat sheets and shortcuts.