IGCSE Exam Preparation

The World at present is challenging than ever before with the increase in competitiveness resulting from the race towards accumulating core competencies to register amongst the best. The current era demonstrates a period where ‘Survival of the fittest’ is the best fit to gain an upper hand in the pursuit towards excelling academically and eventually in career. When core competencies are concerned, they are embedded originally within an individual or if otherwise requires timely coaching and rigorous training especially in the event of laying down the foundation. There is often a misconception when Education is up for discussion, the only thing that matters is to level up from one grade to another and from one level to another whilst the reality demonstrates otherwise and proves how important RESULTS are at the end of the day. When the British Curriculum is taken for consideration, the most important of all exams is the IGCSE Examination which is considered to be the toughest hurdle to cross in order to open avenues for future prospects.

Why IGCSE Exams are most important?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education popularly referred to as IGCSE is an Examination developed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). This is an Examination that is widely appeared for in a number of countries from across the globe. The IGCSE examination is highly regarded as a strong foundation for College/ University Admission together with A Levels/ International Baccalaureate (IB) Programs and are also material in the pursuit of landing on a suitable job in the event of embarking in the Corporate world. The unique element in the IGCSE Examination is that it creates an ambience for the learning to be derived from enquiry based approaches and are learner-centred. It helps students develop the ability for critical thinking, problem solving and logical reasoning which aids them in their Higher Education. The IGCSE Examination is also conducted by Pearson Edexcel and Oxford AQA.

Why Coaching and Training is important for IGCSE Exams?

As the significance of the IGCSE exam was discussed previously, it is evident that the exams are equally challenging and of optimum standards as these exams portray as the entrance exams to pursue with any further academic endeavours. This triggers adequate coaching as vital in the face of successfully progressing through the exams equipping oneself to counter the challenges posed in the career ahead. This is a phase in the Academic framework that signals the most suitable stream/field pertaining to the subjects to be followed to attain your dream career one day. Coaching is misinterpreted largely at present owing to the saturation of Tutors and institutions in the market space who are entirely profit driven and their intent limiting to an interest of such calibre. The programs/courses offered are institution centered and not in par with the requirement of the child. Institutions of this nature engage in excessive Marketing and promotions and are highly oriented in lowering the fee with the intent of attracting students to meet their financial targets. It is a Universal truth that price does have a positive co-relation to the Quality maintained as the latter is supreme in ensuring the producing of RESULTS! The saturation of the market space with the prevalence of predatory tutoring services have made the lives of parents and students difficult, yet there is a checklist one has to complete to ensure authenticity is present when choosing the right destination for learning.

Why Join the Accelerated Revision Course with Knowledge Planet?

Knowledge Planet is Gulf’s Largest Educational Institution specialized in catering students prepare for CBSE, IGCSE, AS Levels, A Levels, AP, IB and College/University Entrance Exams such as IIT JEE, NEET, SAT, KEAM, IELTS, TOEFL and other popular exams covering a wide range of curriculums. Knowledge Planet is widely known as an institution for producing RESULTS consistently over the past 6 years and had the privilege of producing Country and regional toppers in a variety of subjects and examinations. Below are some of the reasons why Knowledge Planet is spearheading as the industry leader setting benchmarks and competing against its own record each year;

  • An unmatched history of producing exceptional results in the Board Exams including Toppers in the UAE consistently for the last 6 years.
  • The Faculty representation at Knowledge Planet is a composition of decorated Graduates coupled with extensive amount of teaching experience.
  • The classes and sessions conducted at Knowledge Planet are available in a variety of modes of learning i.e. Online, Offline and Blended.
  • The institute is renowned for its Study materials that are customised in accordance with the respective examinations and are crafted in line with the needs of the students.
  • Individualised attention with small group classes amplifying student-teacher engagement to optimum.
  • The presence of 13 branches in the UAE easing access for In-person sessions which is the most sought out mode of learning, whilst also opening up avenues for Online and blended learning options.
  • One-On-One Career Counselling either In-Person or Online to ease your decision making process.
  • The course outline for the Accelerated Revision course is designed with a special committee appointed for course unit evaluation and assessment to ensure the student receives extensive training with Past Papers, Revision sessions, Module papers and Practice Questions.

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