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The SAT is a standardized test for most admissions to undergraduate colleges in the United States and other countries. The core purpose of tests is to precisely test the students on individual subjects such as Math, Social-Science, Physical Sciences and Foreign Languages.

Why choose Knowledge Planet for SAT & SAT Subject Tests?

  • At Knowledge Planet, we conduct SAT classes that are geared towards exceptional performance.
  • Our programs incorporate an amalgamation of innovative problem-solving skills, strong conceptual understanding, simulation of test like conditions and timed practice.
  • Our specially designed curriculum for SAT exam takers ensures, aims and aids at providing the best SAT prep materials to the students.
  • We assure top scores with the most satisfactory results.
  • Our SAT & SAT Subject preparation courses interlard unique tips and tricks that helps in solving the problems in the exam in an intelligent and less time consuming way.
  • Our unique study methods focuses on only what is most important because we respect your time and use it prudently!

Distinctive Features of the Program

  • Assures score enhancement
  • Tailor made intensive training
  • Numerous mock tests for the final prep
  • Most flexible program with an array of options
  • Includes motivational sessions, attitude building and study skills techniques to prepare them to face the academic rigor ahead in life.
  • Offers monitoring for SAT
  • Our small group sessions aids in personal attention along with customized homework.
  • Experienced faculty as well as SAT certified trainers to ensure student’s SAT score improvement in the shortest time.

Course highlights

  • Analytical tests to assess your strength and weakness
  • Working with you to ensure your basics are strong and build a substantial foundation for SAT subjects
  • SAT specific tips and tricks to help you crack the special tests
  • Offer you customized practice questions that aids you to improve your SAT score.
  • Special sessions close to actual SAT exam dates to enhance your score.


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